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keyboard Shortcuts User Flow Inspiration

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A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keystrokes on a keyboard to complete a task or action. The main purpose of keyboard shortcuts is to save time on repetitive or tedious tasks. In most cases, keyboard shortcuts are used by advanced users as they require a certain learning curve. Keyboard shortcuts are usually listed on a page or popup displayed as a cheat sheet.

I good practice for better user experience (UX) is operating system detection. Windows and Mac keyboards don’t have the same keys. For that reason, it’s important to detect what OS users are using when they access the keyboard shortcuts list. For example, a shortcut using the command key on Mac would need an alternate key on Windows as the command key is exclusive to Mac. Another good practice to increase the user experience is the option to download the keyboard shortcuts as a PDF. The PDF file can be printed which makes it easier to look at while using the product or website (SaaS).

To learn how to design a keyboard shortcuts page or popup for your SaaS, we invite you to watch our featured user flows above. Discover complete user flows from the most popular and largest SaaS. These user flows show how to display keyboard shortcuts, how the OS detection is made and how to make the keyboard shortcuts list printable.

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