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Best Signup Page Examples

Discover the Best SaaS Signup Page Design - UI Examples

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The signup page also called the registration page is a really important page to every SaaS website and web application. As the name of the page says, it’s where a user signs up or register to a SaaS. In most cases, users have already decided to sign up once they land on the signup or registration page. For that reason, most signup pages are using the same design patterns. One of those design patterns is to remove all navigations from the main layout so the users keep their focus on the signup form and don’t navigate on another page.

How to design a signup page? The most successful signup pages are fairly simple. The main goal is to have a user to fill out the signup form. This step will register that user to a SaaS or application. One way to achieve that goal is to make the registration form as simple as possible. In most case, only the full name (first name and last name), the email address and a password are required. If you require more information from the user, you can ask for them later in the onboarding process. You can access a complete list annotated videos of onboarding user flows with your SaaS Websites Pro subscription.

Like in any user interface design process, it will be important to test different signup page designs. This inspiration gallery is a good start. If you look the signup pages of Slack, FreshBooks, Instapage and Gmail. They are all based on the same design patterns. Those signup pages don’t have any header, navigation and footer. The only branding used in those signup pages are using is the logo of the company and in some case in the brand color. Otherwise, all the signup pages are only a simple registration form aligned in the center of the page. It might be a simplistic view of how to design a user interface but if Google does it, if the biggest marketing SaaS companies do it, it might be the right way to do it.

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