113 Best Pricing Pages in 2021 - UX/UI Design Inspiration for SaaS Pricing

In this page, we are listing the best pricing pages that you can find. To design the best pricing page, designers have to follow many user experience principles. For example, the information must be clear, the user should be able to find the pricing of your service or product right away.

One of the best ways to discover how to create the best pricing page is by using A/B testing. Following an example of one of the best pricing page is a good start but it might not be the best solution for everybody. If it works for MailChimp or FreshBooks, it doesn’t mean that it will work for your pricing page.

Before starting to design your pricing page, you should study many of those and see what pattern the best pricing pages are using. For example, in most if not all pricing pages listed on this page, there is a pricing table listing the different plans offered by the company. In most of those pricing tables, there is one plan that is highlighted. Sometimes they use a tag or an icon saying “Most Popular”, or the plan has a different color so the potential customer can see the plan faster.

That is only one of the many patterns to design successful pricing page and be listed here as one of the best pricing pages.

If you need more information about the patterns used to design some of the best pricing pages, read our blog post: 22 pricing table inspiration from the biggest SaaS.

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