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Footer Examples and Inspiration

A footer on a SaaS or B2B website, particularly in the form of a “mega footer”, is a comprehensive navigation tool that resides at the bottom of every web page. This section is designed to offer users a wide array of resources and links, often extending beyond basic contact information to include detailed navigation options, social media links, certifications, awards, and quick access to key pages such as Careers, About Us, Support, or any legal and privacy documentation. Mega footers are especially useful on websites with extensive content, providing a secondary navigation system that helps users find what they need without returning to the main menu.

In the context of SaaS and B2B companies, where products and services can be complex and information-rich, an effectively designed footer can greatly enhance the user experience. It serves as a vital tool for driving engagement by keeping important information readily accessible, supporting site exploration, and reinforcing transparency. Moreover, footers can help improve website SEO by linking to important internal pages, thereby aiding in site indexing and increasing the discoverability of key sections.

Footer examples highlight the strategic use of space, design elements, and content organization within footers to maximize usability and contribute to a cohesive and informative user journey.

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