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Support Section Examples

A support section on B2B or SaaS websites is a dedicated area designed to communicate the availability and quality of customer support services. This section is crucial for reinforcing the commitment of a company to provide ongoing assistance and for building trust with potential and existing customers. Often located strategically on the homepage, product pages, pricing pages, or within resource and knowledge bases, the support section serves as a direct link for users seeking help or more detailed information that may not be fully covered in the provided content.

Purpose and Benefits:

  1. Accessibility of Support: By prominently displaying support options, businesses ensure that help is readily accessible, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.
  2. Reassurance to Users: A well-defined support section reassures users that assistance is just a step away, which is particularly important for new customers who might be considering a complex or significant purchase.
  3. Promotion of Support Quality: This section allows companies to highlight the strengths of their support services, such as 24/7 availability, multi-channel support (phone, email, chat), or dedicated account management, which can be decisive factors in the purchase process.

Key Elements:

  • Clear Contact Options: Including direct links or buttons for contacting support via preferred channels like live chat, email, or a phone number.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Mentioning response times or support tiers reassures users about the timeliness and quality of the support.
  • Testimonials or Ratings: Showcasing customer testimonials or ratings about the support services can enhance credibility.


  • Enhances customer confidence and satisfaction by making support easily accessible.
  • Reduces potential frustration by providing immediate assistance or guidance.
  • Can differentiate a company from competitors if superior support is highlighted.


  • Requires a commitment to maintain the high level of support advertised.
  • Must be consistently updated to reflect the most current support offerings and channels.

This page showcases various examples of support section and how B2B and SaaS companies effectively integrate them into their websites. Support section examples demonstrate how the strategic placement and content of these sections can reassure and assist users while fostering positive perceptions of the company’s support capabilities.

Support Sections - 12 Elements

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