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About Us Page design inspiration

Discover the best About Us Page examples in 2023

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The About Us page is a really useful page for a SaaS website but also any company website. This page is used to describe the SaaS company itself and not the product. As the About Us page tend to be visited more by professionals then potential customers, it’s a good page to show how big and how great the company is. Professionals may refer to investors, potential employees and institutional clients.

The use of the About Us page may differ a lot from one SaaS company to another one. Some About Us pages are used to list the employees, other companies use it to list their offices around the world.

Discover the best About Us pages that we found, some of those pages are from the most successful SaaS company around. By analyzing the About Us pages featured here, you will be able to find the different design patterns used for each SaaS website and which of these design patterns will help you to create the best About Us page for your SaaS company.

For example, if we take the About Us page of HubSpot, you can see a video about the story of HubSpot in the hero section. Below the hero section, there are several text sections about the mission & vision, the story of the company and the culture of the company. After all those sections, you have stats that are used to show how big/great the company is. In that case, we have the number of employees, the number of customers and the number of followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Good luck in your discovery of the best About Us pages.

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