151 Best Features Page Design Inspiration of 2020 with UX and UI Design

Features page designs inspiration

Discover the best Features page examples in 2020

The features page also named the product page is one of the most important pages of your SaaS website. The features page is used to describe and demonstrate your SaaS product or software. In order words, the features page is your sales pitch.

Building the best features page is now a simple task. There is not a perfect recipe to build the best features page as not all SaaS products are the same. A good way to learn how to design your features page is to see and compare what the best SaaS companies are doing. Most if not all big SaaS companies are A/B testing their features page to get the highest conversion rate as possible. That doesn’t mean that you should not A/B test your website too but the inspiration listed on this page is a good start.

All features pages are made of multiple UI patterns. For example, many features pages have two columns with an image on one side and a descriptive text on the other side. A good example of that pattern is FreshBooks. FreshBooks created multiple features pages, one page for each main feature which can also be a good option if your SaaS product has many important features.

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