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Landing page designs inspiration

Discover the best Landing page examples in 2021

This page lists the best landing pages that we could find. Many of the landing pages listed are PPC landing pages which means they are pay per click advertising landing pages. In most cases, those landing pages are used for Google Ads campaigns or Facebook Ads campings. Even if the term landing page is mostly used for paid campaigns, the terms landing page can be used for just a page that users land on from a variety of sources. For example, the SaaS website of a bookkeeping product could have a landing page of each of the feature of their product. By doing that, you create one specific page for each feature and there are more chances that Google ranks those pages higher in the results page.

First, let’s talk about the PPC landing pages. There are multiples design strategies possible to build the best PPC landing page. There is not a perfect recipe, at least known, otherwise it would be too easy. A/B tests are an important approach to discover what works and what doesn’t work on a landing page.

From the examples above, you can see major differences between the landing pages. Some landing pages are especially long while others are shorter. Many of the landing pages have a form in the left part of the hero section (above the fold), while others have a simple call to action button that lands to another page with a form in it. Some of the forms have five fields or more while others only have one email field. How many call-to-action buttons a landing page should have? You will get the answer by A/B testing your landing page. Another design perspective is the main navigation located at the top of the page. Some landing pages keep the exact same navigation used across the whole website while other landing pages completely remove it.

We encourage you to browse all the examples listed above to discover how to build the best landing page.

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