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Best Landing Page Examples

Discover the Best SaaS Landing Page Design - UI Examples

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This page lists the best landing pages that we could find. Many of the landing pages listed are PPC landing pages which means they are pay per click advertising landing pages. In most cases, those landing pages are used for Google Ads campaigns or Facebook Ads campings. Even if the term landing page is mostly used for paid campaigns, the terms landing page can be used for just a page that users land on from a variety of sources. For example, the SaaS website of a bookkeeping product could have a landing page of each of the feature of their product. By doing that, you create one specific page for each feature and there are more chances that Google ranks those pages higher in the results page.

What is a landing page and why do you need one for PPC campaigns?

What is a landing page and why do you need one for your PPC campaigns? A landing page, sometimes called a lead capture page, is a web page that allows you to collect information from website visitors. This information can be used to track leads and measure the success of your PPC campaigns. By creating custom Landing Pages for each of your target keywords, you can ensure that your visitors are arriving at pages that are relevant to their search terms. Additionally, you can use Landing Pages to provide more detailed information about your products or services, and encourage potential customers to contact you for further information.

How to design a landing page that converts?

As a designer, marketer, product manager, or designer you know that it’s important to create a landing page that converts. But what makes a landing page effective? And how can you design one that will help you achieve your conversion goals? Here are five key elements of an effective landing page and show you how to put them to use in your own design.

  1. Understand the basics of web design and how to create a layout that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate
  2. Use clear, concise text to explain what your company does and what visitors can expect from your website
  3. Make sure your call-to-action buttons are easy to find and stand out against the background color
  4. Test different versions of your landing page to see which one performs the best
  5. Keep track of user engagement rates and conversion rates so you can continue to improve your landing page design

Testing and optimizing your landing pages

You know that a great landing page can make the difference between success and failure. But how do you create an effective landing page? And once it’s created, how do you optimize it to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it? Follow these six strategies to test and optimize your landing pages.

  1. Test different headlines to see which one performs the best
  2. Try out different colors and designs for your landing page
  3. Experiment with different types of content (text, images, videos)
  4. Split test your forms to see which one converts the most visitors into leads
  5. A/B test your CTA buttons to see which one gets the most clicks
  6. Use heat mapping tools to track user behavior on your landing pages

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