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The SaaS homepage is the most important page of a SaaS (Software as a service). It can be one of the main reason why a potential user will sign up or not to your SaaS. One of the main reasons a user will stay and learn more about your company or leave right away is trust. The trust your website gives them. The quality of your design, the visual and general appearance of your SaaS website is the most important aspect regarding the trust of your potential users.

We found some of the best SaaS Homepage designs that were ever created. Most if not all of those SaaS homepage designs are from really reliable companies. Some of the companies are MailChimp, Shopify, FreshBooks, Zapier, Trello, Slack and many more.

One of the ways to create the best SaaS homepage is to compare the homepages listed on here. Many of the SaaS are using different strategies and you have to understand what they are. What is better, a short homepage or a long homepage? Is it better to put less information on the homepage and create call-to-action buttons to your features/product page? All those questions can be answered by comparing the best SaaS homepage.

If you discover that most SaaS homepage are lengthy and you believe that is the best strategy for you, you might be wrong. Not all SaaS companies have the same target users and what is good for a SaaS might not be good for another one. That’s why it’s important to A/B everything. That process might sound tedious at the beginning but it has proved its efficacy.

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