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Best Career Page Examples

Discover the Best SaaS Career Page Design - UI Examples

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The career page of a SaaS website has multiple goals. The two main goals are to list all open positions and describe how it is to work for the company. Recruiting for SaaS companies can be arduous as many employers are fighting for candidates. The career page is the perfect place to attract the best candidates.

We searched and listed here some of the best career pages created by some of the most successful Saas companies. Many different design patterns can be used to design the best career page. Most of the SaaS companies are using the top hero part of their career page to display a picture of employees or a picture of an office. The bigger SaaS companies also use this space to display a video showing how the work environment and possibly testimonials from current employees.

Most of the best career pages listed here list the benefits the employees get once they are hired. Most of the SaaS companies offer great perks to their employees and the career page is the perfect place to list them. Some SaaS companies give more details about their culture and some of their current clients.

The main part of a career page, and also the most tricky one is the open position listing. This part can be tricky because some SaaS companies have multiple offices with tens of open positions in different departments. It’s important to make the listing clear and easy to navigate. In some case, the companies with a lot of open positions will prefer to have a sub-page dedicated to the open positions.

Good luck in your discovery of the best career pages.

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