83 Best Resources Pages in 2021 - SaaS UX/UI Design Inspiration

The resources page is a really important page/section of your SaaS website but not for the same reason as the features page or the pricing page. Usually, the resources page provides more content related to your targeted industry or customer type. It’s not related directly to your product as the support/help section. The support/help section usually consists of articles and answers related to your product. For example, how to add a user, how to perform a specific task. The topic of your resources page is more global. For example, if your SaaS product helps marketers to schedule posts on Twitter, you could have general resources for marketers. Following the same example, you could have a list of articles or guides like “What is the best time of the day to post on Twitter?”.

The main and biggest reason to have a resources page is marketing or more precisely content marketing. Having long and well-written articles will bring more traffic to your website. Those articles should be optimized for SEO to bring even more traffic. SEO and content marketing have been proved to be one of the best types of marketing. You can also reuse the content from your resources page in your different marketing channels like your newsletter, your landing pages, and your social media accounts.

In most cases, a resources page is an index of many different types of content. Depending on the size of your SaaS company and also your budget, you might be limited with the type of resources that you can create. The bigger SaaS companies create multiple types of content like videos, case studies, ebooks, white papers, data sheets, guides and more. If your budget is more limited, you would have to find what type of content brings more customers then focus on that.

One of the great resources pages listed above is UserVoice. All the resources are simply listed with a label above each of them. Also, in the right sidebar, you have a list of resource types to filter specific types.

This page list the best resources page designs that we could find and can help you to build your own best resources page.

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