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API keys are used to connect different websites, services and data sources. A majority of SaaS (software as a service) allow application integration. For example, a popular integration between two SaaS could be between a CRM and an email marketing tool. When a user is added to the CRM, the integration will directly add it to the email marketing tool. To connect two different tools, users will need to create or generate an API key and copy-paste the API key in the desired service. In most cases, API keys are only displayed at the creation for security reasons. If the API key is lost then a new API key needs to be generated.

A popular location for the API key settings is the settings section. The settings section is usually used for everything related to the account and user. In some cases, access to the API is only allowed to specific pricing plans.

To learn how to design an API key section in your SaaS, we invite you to watch our featured user flows above. Discover complete user flows from the most popular and largest SaaS. These user flows show how to generate API keys, how to access the list of already created API keys and how to delete an API key.

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