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Best Contact Page Examples

Discover the Best SaaS Contact Page Design - UI Examples

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The contact page on a SaaS website is one of the most important pages even if sometimes they tend to be forgotten. The contact page can be used for different reasons. Obviously, the main reason is to contact the SaaS company. Another reason important reason would be to add legitimacy to that company. If you are wondering how big or successful a SaaS company is, a user could look at their contact page to see if there is a physical address. It would mean that the company is big enough to have an office. Theoretically, if a company is bigger a company, it is more successful so their product must be better. It’s simply a theory but it is what a potential user will think. It gives credibility to a SaaS company.

On this page, you can find, you can find some of the best contact pages from SaaS websites. There are many strategies to use when you design the best contact page. For example, should you list your physical address if your office is not in the Silicon Valley or New York City? Could it scare potential users if you are located in a less popular area for SaaS or tech startups? Is it better to use a contact form or simply list email addresses? Those are all good questions you can ask yourself by comparing the best contact pages.

The great diversity of contact pages in this page explore many design patterns. For example, Slack only display a simple contact form while Marketo and Hootsuite list all their offices with a Google map for each. What is the reason Slack did not list all their offices? We don’t know the reason but there is a reason, it is not a random decision.

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