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Best Testimonials Page Examples

Discover the Best SaaS Testimonials Page Design - UI Examples

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In this page, we display some of the best customer pages which often include testimonials and case studies. The customer testimonial page is perfect to “brag” about which companies use your product or service.

Most customer pages are designed the same way. If you take Help Scout, for example, the first section is a big hero image with two important stats about their product: “7,000+ customer-driven businesses in over 140 countries use Hel Scout”. This text is used to brag about the results of your product or service. Below the hero image, Help Scout lists customers with their testimonials and a link to a testimonial video. After that section, Help Scout has a list of 16 customer logos, probably their 16 most known customers.

Another good example for a customer testimonial page is Hootsuite. The hero section is dedicated to one customer, Virgin, with a tag line and a call-to-action play button that triggers a video. Lower on the same page, Hootsuite lists the number of users, the number of countries where their product is used and the number of app installs. Below that section is a list of case studies from renowned customers with call-to-action like “Learn how SXSW uses social to keep 72,000+ attendees entertained, informed, and safe”.

A different approached can be seen on the customer page of the email service Emma. Instead of having different sections with stats and testimonials, Emma lists many customer logos with buttons to filters the results by industry. When you hover the logo, you can see a small tag line and a call-to-action button to read the case study.

For most SaaS websites (B2B SaaS), the customer testimonial page is only listed in the footer navigation unless the SaaS website has a second level top navigation. It can also be listed on the resources page as the customer page is often used to list case studies.

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