Ultimate Pricing Page Guide - SaaS Websites

Ultimate Pricing Page Guide

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  • 16 chapters covering most aspects of a pricing page
  • 450+ screenshots from more than 80 pricing pages
  • 30 charts demonstrating trends
  • 17 videos showing different interaction and UX/UI patterns

The Ultimate Pricing Page Guide is the most exhaustive pricing page guide we could imagine. All SaaS websites have a pricing page, and it’s often one of the most important pages of a website. Discover different pricing page strategies from successful SaaS companies. This guide will help you to build a better pricing page, that converts more.

All topics are supported by charts, screenshots and videos.

From the pricing table chapter.

From the pricing FAQ chapter.

From the customer logos on pricing pages chapter (social proof).

From the pricing calculator chapter.

From the old vs new pricing pages. We compared different versions of the same pricing page from 10 SaaS companies.

All chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Pricing tables part one
  • Pricing tables part two
  • Comparative tables
  • Pricing FAQ
  • Customer logos on pricing pages
  • Customer testimonials on pricing pages
  • Pricing calculators
  • Call-to-action sections and Call-to-action buttons
  • Pricing pages without pricing
  • Product add-ons on pricing pages
  • Miscellaneous pricing page characteristics
  • Pricing pages inside SaaS for upgrading
  • A/B tests: pricing page elements to be tested
  • Old vs New Pricing pages
  • In conclusion, the perfect pricing page

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