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Old vs. New SaaS Pages Guide

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  • 12 SaaS websites analyzed and reviewed for this guide
  • 92 comparisons of old and new pages from popular categories
  • 241 highlighted updates between the different page versions

Every once in a while, SaaS companies update their websites, from minor updates to complete overhauls. In the last five years, we have captured a lot of pages from a lot of SaaS websites. Many of the first websites added on saaswebsites.com back in 2016 have been updated since then. We thought it would be interesting to compare different versions of the same pages from various SaaS companies.

All page comparisons have a list of a few highlighted updates worth noticing.

By comparing different versions of the same page, it’s easy to understand the thinking behind the changes. We assumed that most of the updates were made for a reason and based on hypotheses. We also presumed that some of those hypotheses were supported by A/B testing.

In most cases, smaller SaaS companies don’t have the same capabilities to conduct usability and A/B testing as the multi-million/billion-dollar companies. The main goal of this guide is to show those companies what can be improved on their website by taking ideas from successful SaaS.

From the Amplitude chapter

From the Campaign Monitor chapter

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From the Workday chapter

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