Adding Users to Account User Flow Inspiration

Discover the Best Adding Users to Account User Flows

Adding users to an account is a common pattern for most SaaS (software as a service). In the majority of cases, one person signs up to a SaaS and then needs to add their team members, colleagues or clients to the account. Depending on the SaaS, it’s possible to add users at the account level and also at the project or channel level. For example, two popular SaaS to add users at another level than the account would be Asana and Slack. For Asana, you might want to add a new user to a specific project and not the account level. The new user may be a client that doesn’t require access to other projects than their own. For Slack, a new developer joining a team might need access to the developer channel but not the marketing channel.

Adding users often come with a set of options for permissions. Not all new users would require the same permissions for functionalities and access.

A lot of SaaS base their pricing model on the number of users. For example, Slack pricing model is based on users. More users, higher pricing.

To learn how to design user flows for adding new users to an account, we invite you to watch our featured videos above. Discover complete user flows from the most popular and largest SaaS. These user flows show how to add new users or existing users at the account level and also specific levels, manage the user permissions, send email invites to new users and delete users.

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